Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham’s English ‘Golden Girl’ On May 9th Philly WBO Title Card.


Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham’s English ‘Golden Girl’ On May 9th Philly WBO Title Card.


In February ’08 legendary Heavyweight boxing champion of the world Smokin’ Joe Frazier simply said “She’s going to be the Champ.” and his son former Heavyweight contender Marvis said “Marianne is the hardest working (training), committed fighters I have seen in a long time. She’s very hard for any fighter to deal with. She’s strong, fast and accurate, has lots of combinations and punches hard, so hard it’s like being hit by a Heavyweight.”

In April ’08 Jnr. Middleweight world champion Robert ‘Bam Bam’ Hines said “Marianne’s an exciting fighter who’s got it all. One thing for sure she’s going to be the Champ…soon.”

Then in November ’08 IBF Cruiserweight Champion Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham was so impressed with her that he invited her to be part of his team.

Now after various well publicised false starts Philadelphia based English Bantamweight Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston, who was originally brought to America by the legendary Heavyweight Champion of the World Smokin’ Joe Frazier in a blaze of publicity, will finally have her long awaited debut, virtually one whole year later than planned, on the undercard of Brian Cohen’s WBO Light Heavyweight title fight in South Philadelphia on the 9th May 2009.

In February ’08 Marianne took the huge step of traveling thousands of miles from her home in London, England to Philadelphia to train full time under the personal tutelage of Smokin’ Joe Frazier and his son Marvis at their North Philadelphia landmark gym after Frazier had advised her to spend six months training with him so he could get her fully prepared for her debut.

Just 58 days after making the commitment Smokin’ Joe Frazier’s gym closed. Shortly after Marianne moved her “home” gym to Percy ‘Buster’ Custus’ James Shuler Memorial Gym and continued to train for her professional debut which was to be the ill fated Casino Battle Royale event in Atlantic City.

Smokin’ Joe is not the only World Champion to be impressed by Marianne’s natural talent as not long after she moved gym Cruiserweight King Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham and his wife and manager Livvy, who are also based at the West Philadelphia gym, invited her to be part of their team.

After promoter Ivan Cohen confirmed on Wednesday that Marianne is to be on the card a very pleased Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham said of his protégé “What a great opportunity for Marianne. She has the heart, work ethic and determination of a true champion. This May she’ll be on her way, watch out for ‘Golden Girl’!”

Marianne, who is currently in London, will be returning to Philadelphia shortly to go into training camp with Team ‘USS’ Cunningham’s head coach Anthony Chase, spoke briefly on the news. “I’m so honoured that Ivan is to have me on the card of this important fight. I also must thank him as he has offered me sparring with two of his female fighters to help in my preparations. I can’t wait to get back to Philly to prepare with Chase, Steve and Shar’ron. They are great trainers, Shar’ron has been awesome, her techniques really suit my style and in the short amount of time I have had to work with Chase he took me to another level altogether. As for Steve, what can I say he is a great fighter and his advice has been unbelievable. My fighting style has changed thanks to them, I feel that I am a total fighter now. I’m ready to fight now and can’t wait until May.”

Marianne’s fight will be part of the Ivan Cohen promoted WBO Light Heavyweight title fight featuring Philadelphia’s Brian Cohen on May 9th 2009 at the South Philadelphia High School. The co-feature will headed by Gabrielle Rosadl. Also on the card will be Marianne’s regular sparring partner Christina Leadbeater from New Jersey. The full card is expected to be announced shortly


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