MarianneMarston-4Marianne is already one of the best known female boxers in the World and as such receives extceptional print, on-line and broadcast media coverage, as well as is regularly sought as a pundit on Women’s Boxing and Women’s fitness, as such any company that supports Marianne on her title quest will receive extraordinary levels of exposure World wide.

* Pre-fight media exposure – to in excess of 50 Million sports and boxing fans world wide on a regular basis via in house generated press and news releases.

* Pre-fight media exposure – to in excess of 10 Million UK boxing and sports fans on a virtualy weekly basis.

* Regular high levels of exposure to boxing, sports and female magazine readership via interviews and articles.

* Extensive exposure on social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

* Regular pre-fight broadcast exposure – Interviews, broadcast studio guest as well as pre fight promos

* Exposure to event attendees and viewers of televised events generated via company name and/or logo on her fight wear and team ring wear.

* Post fight exposure via world wide fight reports/images as well as follow up interviews, articles and in house releases and images.

* Prime positioning of company name/logo on Marianne’s boxing website – – as well as on her hugely popular Women’s Boxing Classes website –

* Plus exposure through UK Broadcast documentary, pre & post event – see Documentary Page