Right To Fight


Documentary/Factual special






She is beautiful, strong, and tough – An amazing role model for professional female athletes worldwide. But Marianne Marston has been fighting all her life and on more than one occasion literally fighting for her life.

This documentary series will reveal the reality of life as a female professional boxer. Boxing is historically a male sport and the governing bodies have been slow to acknowledge that women also want to participate in one of the oldest sporting professions in the world and be good at it.

As a very young girl Marianne knew her future belonged in sport despite her parents’ wishes for a bright academic future. Her first fight in life had begun.

At the age of 19 the joy of the birth of her son was soon overshadowed by the discovery that she had cervical cancer – Another fight Marianne would win.

This documentary series will be an inspirational story of one extraordinary woman’s journey as she strives to achieve her dream of having a shot at a world title fight. Marianne has been endorsed and trained by some of the biggest names in boxing history.

Dazzling names of boxing’s elite such as the late great Smokin’ Joe Frazier and Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham recognised Marianne’s talent and invested in her. Marianne does not intend to let them down and Marianne is not a woman who will let herself down. This will be an extraordinary series.

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