The Deal

TshbalalaMarstonUnifiedTitlePosterHopefully the preceding pages have convinced you of not just the undoubted boxing ability of  Marianne, but also the levels of exposure you would receive by supporting her boxing career or her upcoming Championship Unification fight.

Besides the extensive media and social network exposure you would receive by supporting Marianne, there are various additional benefits, which are listed below.

* Marianne’s equipment/clothing sponsor, BoxFit, will create custom fight wear and team T-Shirts for each fight, which will feature your company name/logo in prime position on the waistband or centre on back of shorts or on top/vest

* Marianne will display your company name/logo on her team t-shirts for all fights, obviously including any and all title fights, which are likely to be broadcast worldwide.

* Marianne will include your company name/logo, linked to your website, on both her boxing website and her industry leading, high traffic website

* Mention your company whenever possible in press reports and interviews.

* You will have the rights to use Marianne’s images for advertising or promotional purposes.

* An agreed amount of tickets for events Marianne competes at.

And of course the RIGHT TO FIGHT documentary on Marianne by Manray Media

The level of support required to receive the above benefits is:

Sponsorship for her World Championship Unification bout this summer: Negotiable – please e.mail – Tel: 07960 850645

Twelve month sponsorship, to include all bouts, including the World Championship bout – Negotiable – please e.mail – Tel: 07960 850645