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Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham Backs Protégé Marianne Marston To Win On 27th April In London


Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham Backs Protégé Marianne Marston To Win On 27th April In London

Ahead of his upcoming IBF Heavyweight Title Eliminator, against Tyson Fury, at Madison Square Gardens this coming Saturday, the 20th April, former two time Cruiserweight Champion of the World Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham took a little time off from his final preparations, to send a message of support across the Atlantic to former ‘Team Cunningham’ boxer Marianne Marston, who will be fighting Latvian Aleksandra Jasjukevica at York Hall in London one week later on Saturday 27th April.

Even though it is just a few days away from what many perceive to be the hardest fight of his career, Cunningham, who was once described by Bad Left Hook Magazine’s Scott Christ as ‘The World’s Nicest Man’, once again proved just what a genuinely nice guy he is, by contacting his former charge, British Featherweight Marianne Marston, and wishing her every success for her upcoming fight.

Marston, who now resides back in London and is trained by Barry Smith at the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town, was invited to become part of Team Cunningham following her move to The James Shuler Memorial Gym in West Philadelphia, after her original ‘home’ gym, Smokin’ Joe Frazier’s Gym in North Philadelphia, closed in March 2008.

Under Cunningham’s tutelage Marston was set to debut in South Philadelphia in May 2009, however following her return to the UK in February of that year, to arrange her P1 Professional Athlete visa, things went sour for the ‘Golden Girl’ after the US Embassy refused her the visa, even though there had been no problems with her living in America, whilst training and preparing for her planned professional debut.

Following his call of support, Cunningham briefly said of his former charge.

“It’s great to see Marianne finally getting her pro debut, she has been training hard for years and this is a long time coming!”

Before adding, “I know she will be victorious, I only wish I could attend to cheer her on in person.”

Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham versus Tyson Fury takes place at Madison Square Gardens on Saturday 20th April 2013 and will be broadcast live by NBC at 4pm EST in America and Channel 5 at 9.30pm in the United Kingdom.

Just one week later, on the 27th April 2013, Marianne Marston versus Aleksandra Jasjukevica features on the undercard of Dean ‘Irish Lightning’ Byrne – Jay ‘IOW Assassin’ Morris International Masters Welterweight Championship clash which headlines Dave Murphy’s Thunderdrome Promotions ‘Thunder & Lightning’ event at York Hall, Bethnal Green in London.

Tickets, priced £65 (Ringside), £35 (Floor)  and £30 (Balcony) are available on-line at www.tkoboxoffice.com and www.mariannemarston.com or in person at the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town, London E16 4SA – www.tkoboxinggym.com – or the Ringtone Gym in Euston, London NW1 2PB – www.ringtonehealthandfitness.com – Tel: 07960 850645 or 07557 641597 for further information.


Support For Marianne Marston After US Embassy Refuses Visa For Her To Fight On May 9th.

Support For Marianne Marston After US Embassy Refuses Visa For Her To Fight On May 9th.


Philadelphia trained, British Super Bantamweight Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston may still be reeling from the American authorities decision to refuse her a visa, so she can compete on the under card of Brian Cohen’s WBC Americas Light Heavyweight Title fight in South Philadelphia on 9th May 2009. However, her American training team, headed by former IBF Cruiserweight World Champion Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham; promoter Donna Cohen of ABBCorp, Inc./Bionic Bull Enterprises and her sponsor P.U.G. Athletic are all standing by her and working together on a solution.

Mike Gregory, P.U.G. Athletic’s commercial manager, made it clear that P.U.G. would continue to support Marianne as she is a strategic part of their plans to launch the brand into the American sportswear market in 2009 when he said. “We’re not going to back out of our support for Marianne. She is an extremely talented boxer and has been an excellent ambassador for P.U.G. Athletic over the past eighteen months. We are keen to continue our involvement in her career for a long time to come.

We are in discussions with Team ‘USS’ Cunningham, who represent and train Marianne in America, as well as the promoters of the May 9th event in Philadelphia, ABBCorp, Inc. and Bionic Bull Enterprises, on this matter. Marianne is contracted to them for 12 fights between now and the end of 2010, so hopefully between us we will be able to sort the visa situation out.

If a quick solution isn’t available one alternative option we are exploring, should a suitable opponent be found, Marianne debuting in the UK, or even Europe, in order to secure the ranking required to be eligible for a P1 Professional Athlete visa, rather than the B1 she had applied for on advice from the London Consulate.”

Marianne, who is still hopeful of competing next month in Philadelphia, is currently training at Gleason’s Gym near Tower Bridge, London. Should the visa problem be resolved before May, Marianne’s professional debut will be on the under card of Philadelphia’s Brian Cohen’s WBC Americas Light Heavyweight title fight on May 9th 2009 at the South Philadelphia High School. Promoter Donna Cohen is a big supporter of Women’s boxing and every event she promotes includes at least one female match-up.


For tickets and further details for the event at South Philadelphia High School please contact:

Donna Cohen

ABBCorp, Inc. & Bionic Bull Enterprise

Tel: 215 755 8155

British Boxer Marianne Marston Strikes Gold With New Sponsorship Deal.


British Boxer Marianne Marston Strikes Gold With New Sponsorship Deal.


American trained English Super Bantamweight Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston, along with various soon to be announced American championship boxers, will be spearheading London based sporting equipment and apparel manufacturer Pugilistic Urban Garments planned assault on the $50 Billion American sporting goods market in 2009 with their pugilistic arts flagship brand P.U.G. Athletic.

Marianne, a protégé of former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Smokin’ Joe Frazier and Cruiserweight World Champion Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham, was previously sponsored by P.U.G. Athletic prior to her moving her training base, from Gleason’s Gym (London) near Tower Bridge, to Philadelphia and Smokin’ Joe Frazier’s Gym, where she was under the personal tutelage of the legendary Heavyweight champ and his son Marvis, in February 2008.

Marianne’s American adventure soon became a roller coaster ride as shortly after committing herself to being with Smokin’ Joe Frazier, to prepare for her professional debut, the Philadelphia landmark gym closed down. Marianne’s dream looked at an end after just 58 days.

Not one to give up so easily Marianne tried out for Percy ‘Buster’ Custus at the “home of champions”, The James Shuler Memorial Gym, in West Philadelphia. Initially working with former Junior Middleweight World Champion Robert ‘Bam Bam’ Hines before switching her day to day training, due to her having difficulties understanding Robert’s strong accent which was causing frustrations between them, to the exceptional female trainer Shar’ron Baker.

Around the same time P.U.G. Athletic, who were concentrating on the European sporting goods market, decided not to renew their sponsorship arrangement as Marianne would be initially competing in America and as such could not see any benefit to their brand at that time.

Just as disaster loomed again for Marianne up steps Cruiserweight King Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham and his wife and manager Livvy who invited Marianne to be part of Team ‘USS’ Cunningham, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for her including sessions at training camp with Team ‘USS’ Cunningham’s world class coach Anthony Chase and advice from team leader Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham and “Trainer of the Year” contender Brother Nazeem Richardson in addition to day to day coaching from Shar’ron.

Marianne, who returned to England at the beginning of March in order to arrange the visa she requires for her professional debut at the 9th May ’09 Ivan Cohen promoted event in South Philadelphia, met with P.U.G. Athletic boss John Rooney Jnr. when she returned to Gleason’s Gym (London) for some training sessions and a new sponsorship deal was arranged in record time.

Taking a moment out from her grueling preparations a very pleased Marianne said “I’m so pleased to be working with John (Rooney) and P.U.G. Athletic again. John has always been a great supporter of boxing. He used to sponsor my hero, Joe Calzaghe, and supports other great champions like Ian Napa and Danny Williams.

It’s so exciting to be involved in their expansion plans, to say I am proud to be a P.U.G. fighter is an understatement. I’m a great believer in their products. Over the past year I have tried out loads of gloves and couldn’t find any that came close to my old ones. I kept having niggly hand injuries so I got a friend of mine to send me over a new pair of P.U.G.’s late last year and hey presto no more problems. They really do offer the best hand protection!

Whilst I’m enjoying being back in London and training at Gleason’s, I’m really looking forward to getting back to Philly so I can be fully prepared for my fight.

I’m missing everyone at Shulers terribly. I missed Tyson’s (Jamaal’s ‘Da Truth’ Davis) and Eddie’s (‘Fast’ Eddie Chambers) fights and missed even more not being there to celebrate their victories with them. I’m also going to miss Gee’s (Culmer) fight this Friday (3rd April).

Whilst not one of my gym mates, I’m desperately hoping I can get my visa through soon so I can be there to support fellow Brit Carl Froch, when he takes on Jermain Taylor on the 25th (April). If I do I’ll be ringside for sure, what a great way to prepare for my fight, watching awesome fighters at close quarters, who knows I might steal some of his moves and use them in my fight in May.”

Marianne professional debut will be on the undercard of Philadelphia’s Brian Cohen WBC Americas Light Heavyweight title fight on May 9th 2009 at the South Philadelphia High School. The co-feature will be headed by Gabrielle Rosadl. In addition to Brian, Gabrielle and Marianne there will be seven further fights on the night. The full card will be announced, by renowned Philadelphia promoter Ivan Cohen, shortly.


For tickets and further details for the event contact:

Ivan Cohen

Tel: 215 755 8155



Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham’s English ‘Golden Girl’ On May 9th Philly WBO Title Card.


Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham’s English ‘Golden Girl’ On May 9th Philly WBO Title Card.


In February ’08 legendary Heavyweight boxing champion of the world Smokin’ Joe Frazier simply said “She’s going to be the Champ.” and his son former Heavyweight contender Marvis said “Marianne is the hardest working (training), committed fighters I have seen in a long time. She’s very hard for any fighter to deal with. She’s strong, fast and accurate, has lots of combinations and punches hard, so hard it’s like being hit by a Heavyweight.”

In April ’08 Jnr. Middleweight world champion Robert ‘Bam Bam’ Hines said “Marianne’s an exciting fighter who’s got it all. One thing for sure she’s going to be the Champ…soon.”

Then in November ’08 IBF Cruiserweight Champion Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham was so impressed with her that he invited her to be part of his team.

Now after various well publicised false starts Philadelphia based English Bantamweight Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston, who was originally brought to America by the legendary Heavyweight Champion of the World Smokin’ Joe Frazier in a blaze of publicity, will finally have her long awaited debut, virtually one whole year later than planned, on the undercard of Brian Cohen’s WBO Light Heavyweight title fight in South Philadelphia on the 9th May 2009.

In February ’08 Marianne took the huge step of traveling thousands of miles from her home in London, England to Philadelphia to train full time under the personal tutelage of Smokin’ Joe Frazier and his son Marvis at their North Philadelphia landmark gym after Frazier had advised her to spend six months training with him so he could get her fully prepared for her debut.

Just 58 days after making the commitment Smokin’ Joe Frazier’s gym closed. Shortly after Marianne moved her “home” gym to Percy ‘Buster’ Custus’ James Shuler Memorial Gym and continued to train for her professional debut which was to be the ill fated Casino Battle Royale event in Atlantic City.

Smokin’ Joe is not the only World Champion to be impressed by Marianne’s natural talent as not long after she moved gym Cruiserweight King Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham and his wife and manager Livvy, who are also based at the West Philadelphia gym, invited her to be part of their team.

After promoter Ivan Cohen confirmed on Wednesday that Marianne is to be on the card a very pleased Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham said of his protégé “What a great opportunity for Marianne. She has the heart, work ethic and determination of a true champion. This May she’ll be on her way, watch out for ‘Golden Girl’!”

Marianne, who is currently in London, will be returning to Philadelphia shortly to go into training camp with Team ‘USS’ Cunningham’s head coach Anthony Chase, spoke briefly on the news. “I’m so honoured that Ivan is to have me on the card of this important fight. I also must thank him as he has offered me sparring with two of his female fighters to help in my preparations. I can’t wait to get back to Philly to prepare with Chase, Steve and Shar’ron. They are great trainers, Shar’ron has been awesome, her techniques really suit my style and in the short amount of time I have had to work with Chase he took me to another level altogether. As for Steve, what can I say he is a great fighter and his advice has been unbelievable. My fighting style has changed thanks to them, I feel that I am a total fighter now. I’m ready to fight now and can’t wait until May.”

Marianne’s fight will be part of the Ivan Cohen promoted WBO Light Heavyweight title fight featuring Philadelphia’s Brian Cohen on May 9th 2009 at the South Philadelphia High School. The co-feature will headed by Gabrielle Rosadl. Also on the card will be Marianne’s regular sparring partner Christina Leadbeater from New Jersey. The full card is expected to be announced shortly




For tickets and further details for the event contact:


Ivan Cohen

Tel: 215 755 8155